Plaid Cymru has always been a party of change. We have never been defenders of the status quo. Our aim has always been to change Wales for the better, to build a political system that works for the people of Wales, a system where politicians are there to serve the people.
When people talk of being fed up with politics, they’re often talking about the political issues that are there on their doorsteps: schools that aren’t up to scratch; rubbish that isn’t being collected on time; difficulty in accessing care for our elderly relatives; waiting lists for housing that seem to go on forever; local facilities closing; traffic chaos; money being wasted, rather than being spent on making our lives better. For far too long, we have put up with a second rate service from many of our councils.

Plaid Cymru want to build a new Wales, and we believe that the best place to start is where we stand. Where Plaid Cymru is leading our councils – Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Conwy and Gwynedd – we provide excellent services, despite the severe financial constraints on us. These councils lead Wales in areas as diverse as social housing, education, clean streets and recycling.

Quality public services are central to the prosperity of our nation. They are the glue that binds our society together and the safety net that supports the most vulnerable in our society. Our councils are often limited by the Welsh government’s obsession with micro-managing what they do. We believe that this situation is unsustainable. While we support the idea of councils working together for the common good, we also firmly believe that they must remain accountable to local people, and not to civil servants in Cardiff Bay.

Plaid Cymru MP’s, AM’s and councillors are community champions and use all the powers at their disposal to improve people’s lives, to strengthen Welsh communities, and to put power back in the hands of the people.

There can be no more business as usual. It is time for us to start rebuilding Wales, creating a nation that is fit for the 21st Century. We need to ensure Wales receives the required funding needed to deliver 21st Century services. Plaid Cymru MP’s will be putting Wales first, speaking up for Welsh communities, making your voices heard.