There is no part of our public services that faces more challenges than health. An aging population, coupled with rising drug costs represent a gathering crisis for health systems around the world. But in Wales, birthplace of the NHS, they have been compounded by poor leadership since the onset of devolution that have left us with a poorly structured service, delivering far poorer health outcomes than in comparable parts of Europe or the UK.

Wales now needs to conjure up the spirit of Bevan in reinventing a NHS for tomorrow’s Wales. Our radical new vision consists of:

  • Ending the perverse historic divide between health and care;

  • Creating a people-powered health service, centred on the patient, putting prevention and healthy living at the heart of our health strategy;

  • Using the power of technology, particularly digital technology and genomics, to provide a service fit for the 21st century

We commit absolutely to the NHS and will not privatize any aspect of its work. In fact we will extend the entitlement to free care to other aspects of well-being. Our ambitious plans include transformative policies which will put the patient at the heart of service delivery.