Why You Should Vote For Huw On Thursday

Dear Voter,

I am asking for your support this Thursday in the Garw Valley Community Council bye-election for Pontycymer. If you elect me as the first Plaid Cymru councillor in the Garw you will be getting a representative who will hold the current Labour majority to account. Pontycymer already has three Labour community councillors, I ask you to consider what difference another one will make? Everything that’s being promised by Labour’s candidate, should be and probably is being addressed already by the other three. If it isn’t then you should ask yourselves why.

I’m not going to make outlandish claims and offer gimmicks. I want Pontycymer to be a community that we are all proud to live in and to feel safe in. I’m sure you do as well.

The community council has limited powers, but it has an important role in representing your views and opinions. As your community councillor, I will ensure that those views are listened to, giving you an independent voice that doesn’t follow orders from on high.

My priority will be to work with all community groups to encourage the regeneration of Pontycymer. I will help seek funding to develop new community initiatives and after-school / youth clubs. In order to achieve this, I will work with Ffaldau and Cwm Garw Schools to ensure they get the full support of the community.

We have seen Oxford Street decline over the past decade, and I applaud those businesses who have stayed the distance, but in order to ensure these businesses survive and thrive, we need to encourage more enterprises like Studio18, the new gallery created by local artist Kevin Sinnott. Could we develop Pontycymer and the Garw as a tourist destination? I will work with all relevant agencies on a community, county and Welsh Government level to develop a regeneration plan for the valley.

By electing the first Plaid Cymru councillor in the Garw you have an opportunity of sending a message that you want a change from the past. We now have three Plaid Cymru county councillors on Bridgend County Borough Council, the more representation Plaid Cymru has in the borough, the more we can achieve.


Huw Marshall

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